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It may not be surprising, but there is something for everyone in Shanghai this summer. Eight million people visit Shanghai every year for the famous tourist festival, which takes place over 20 days in countless cities. The streets come alive with culture, with the main festival of the festival, the Shanghai International Arts Festival - which is supposed to present everything you can imagine from all over the world, anywhere and everywhere. The tourism festival is concluded with the International Art Festival China - Shanghai, which is presented by China's largest arts and culture festival and the largest festival of its kind in China.

The modern, fast-paced and cosmopolitan city of Shanghai is also the ideal place to get a first impression of the world's most popular tourist destination, the World Travel Fair. Shanghai boasts a steadily growing international influence and has long been the venue for many numerous and varied events, including festivals, exhibitions and congresses. The Chinese central government established the Shanghai World Expo Organizing Committee in 2004, an organization dedicated to organizing the event. The World Travel Fair insists on organizing its events at home and abroad, presenting rich and diverse tourist resources.

The New Shanghai Theatre was specially designed for unusual and elaborate productions and is intended to combine the ancient history of China with the modern Chinese architectural style. Waterfalls, stones, paddling pools and a wide range of handicrafts are on display. The official motto of the Expo is "Shanghai," a song about the city of Shanghai and its history and culture. Chinese singer Han Geng, who sings in his mother tongue, is the official song of the Shanghai World Expo and one of Beijing's most popular songs.

One of the most traditional festivals in the city takes place in April, and people dressed in Han costume can be seen here. There will also be a variety of temples in traditional costumes, such as the Han Han Temple, the Great Temple of Han and the Great Temple. This is the oldest temple in our city, so be sure to visit the Yu Gardens where we can watch the traditional lantern parade for several days and evenings.

You can also attend the National Day Brunch Concert at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, which is still available. For a tailor-made discovery, see our recommended 3-day Shanghai tour as a starting point. Let us design your tour to combine festivals with the best of Shanghai. Please contact us and call us to help us integrate these festivals into your trip to China. We will be happy to help you find the best way to get your tour to Shanghai.

China Highlights, we have the opportunity to help you create the right itinerary, just as we have helped you experience one or more festivals on your trip.

In August, we found out that 2016 was the year of the monkey and that Shanghai is finally coming, but the review was a lot of fuss about nothing. Chinese characters for man or person, ren, are based on the Chinese characters for "man" and "person" (ren) and mean "treasure at sea." Let's start with one of our favorite events of 2016, the annual Monkey Festival in Shanghai, and welcome us this year!

The early acrobatic skills that were shown at village harvest festivals have become one of China's national treasures in everyday life and at work. Shanghai has many parks, large and small, that enrich the green of the city all year round.

When people walk down the street and gather around the Bund for fireworks, you can look forward to many walks. The holiday is a great opportunity to be in Shanghai, witness and get a taste of being part of this great celebration for a few days. The opening day of the Shanghai International Film Festival and the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Grand Prix will underline your trip to Shanghai this time. Not to forget the Shanghai GP, which is held every year at the world-class International Circuit.

If you're interested in Formula One racing, this is a really good place to get a glimpse of the world - the class of drivers and their cars. Here we see the importance and popularity of this festival in Shanghai and why you won't regret being in this part of the city to see it. If the rumours are true and the number of films shown here is judged, the Shanghai International Film Festival and the opening ceremony of the Shanghai Grand Prix are a must.

The artists of the New Shanghai Circus, considered China's most famous acrobatic group, have stunned audiences around the world since their founding tour in 1991.

Everyone from Andrea Bocelli to Beyonce has graced the stage of the New Shanghai Circus at their shows in Shanghai and other cities around the world.

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