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A number of world-class galleries in Shanghai are dedicated to the search and promotion of some of China's most promising artistic talents. Located in the heart of Shanghai's People's Park and one of the largest and liveliest art districts in the world, Shanghai forms a unique ecosystem of art. These galleries find unique artists who come from both China and the world, as well as established and established artists. The vision from the beginning was to bring together in one heart - in the People's Park of Shanghai - excellent works of art from all over the world and to provide an opportunity to present both Chinese and international contemporary artists.

The galleries of Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore work together with renowned curators to present conceptually rigorous group exhibitions. ShanghART presents exhibitions and projects in the field of contemporary art; the list includes a Mandarin - a helpful taxi driver show for art - loving customers who want to find out about current exhibitions in English - language Time in Shanghai. Chinese smartphone app, iDaily Museum, which Mandarin readers can download, and the Chinese Museum of Contemporary Art, an exhibition of works by artists from China and around the world, which was presented at the Shanghai Art Museum from October 2015 to June 2016. While the Paris headquarters focuses on collecting a permanent collection of artifacts, the New York and Shanghai branches serve to preserve the interwar zeitgeist and promote "European artists of the era" to the Chinese-American audience through focused, thematic exhibitions for both Chinese and American audiences.

Check out some of the recent exhibitions at the Shanghai Art Museum and the Chinese Museum of Contemporary Art in Hong Kong and Singapore.

It is a strange, futuristic building of steel and glass tunnels with membrane roof, which used to be the China Pavilion at Expo 2010. It was transformed into the Shanghai Art Museum, which moved into Hong Kong and Singapore in 2011 with the help of the Chinese Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum is easily accessible and has a large collection of contemporary art as well as some of China's most important works of art. This is the first major museum in the city to officially open in October 2013, but is located just a few blocks from downtown Shanghai.

The metropolis has long been a center of art and culture, hosted the 2010 World Expo and regularly hosts major exhibitions such as the Shanghai Art Museum and the Chinese Museum of Contemporary Art. Shanghai is considered one of the most important cultural centers for contemporary art in the world and an important cultural center in China.

In addition to the renowned Shanghai Museum, there is the Shanghai Art Museum, which took control of the China Pavilion built for the World Exhibition in 2012 and was renamed the China Art Museum. In October last year, the Chinese Museum of Contemporary Art, a major contemporary art museum in Shanghai, was also opened.

The gallery, founded in Palermo by Roberto Ceresia in 2005, opened its Shanghai office in 2008 and moved its entire business to Shanghai by 2011. ARARIO Gallery has moved to the West Bund Shanghai to continue being a pioneer of modern art and has opened a space in the new Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, one of the largest contemporary art museums in the world.

In fact, the area will host the UCCA Edge in 2021, a project signed by Jean Nouvel and the first of its kind in China. Located in the heart of Shanghai, just a few hundred metres from the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), it is scheduled to open in 2021 as part of the second phase of the ARARIO Gallery expansion. PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai will take place simultaneously with the 12th Shanghai Biennale, which takes place in November.

Last week, the first collector's design platform in China was inaugurated, with the opening of a collection of abandoned aircraft tanks converted by Beijing-based Open Architects for collector Qiao Zhibing.

The China Art Palace, which spans several huge floors, tells the story of the rise of modern art in Shanghai. The rebuilt facility, which opened at a site on the Huangpu River that was previously planned as an exhibition venue for the 2010 World Expo, is intended to demonstrate the growing importance of the Shanghai art scene in the world's second largest city.

It is one of the largest art museums in Asia, including works previously housed in the Shanghai Art Museum. The China Art Museum is not only known for its collections and exhibitions, but also for the second largest collection of modern art in China.

The China Art Museum began in 1956 in its center in the center of the city, then moved to the building, still known as the Shanghai Art Museum, in 2000. The Yibo Gallery has had its gallery space in Shanghai since 2007 and has been focusing on contemporary Chinese art since its foundation. Founded in 2008, the Shanghai branch of Dumonteil Gallery, dedicated to strengthening its ties with the Chinese contemporary art scene, was one of the first Western galleries to deal with emerging China - related themes. A central force within the Shanghai art scene is M97, where a number of visual art photographers have focused their lenses on issues related to China.

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