Shanghai, China

                                          HELLO SHANGHAI

On the central coast of China Lies the Global Financial Hub and the largest city of China, Shanghai. Shanghai was an important sea port during the Qing dynasty. It gained Global attention in 19th century and slowly emerged as the world economic Hub.

Things to do in Shanghai-

  • Visit the Classical Yu Garden built in 1577.It has Beautiful Rockeries, bridges and ponds.
  • Take a walk at the Bund, in central Shanghai.
  • Visit the Tallest tower in china, the oriental pearl tower.
  • Book tickets for the Shanghai Disneyland in Pudong.
  • Jin Mao Tower gives a beautiful view of whole city.
  • The huge historical temple complex of city God temple is a must visit.
  • Jade Buddha temple is another temple with beautiful sculptures that will mesmerize you.
  • Visit the Shanghai Museum
  • Shanghai ocean Aquarium has seals, sharks and dragons foe display.

Where to shop?

Shanghai is known as the shopping paradise of China. Some of the must visit shopping places are-

  • Nanjing Road has both old and new malls and is one of the top most places to shop in Shanghai.
  • Huaihai Road has all the high end brands and is an elegant place to shop.
  • Parkson Shopping Center.
  • Yuyuan Tourist Mart is known specially for Chinese goods.

What to eat?

You can find the best Chinese dishes in Shanghai. Some of the must try are-

  • Xiao Long Bao- These are soup dumplings made from pork.
  • Shang Jian Bao
  • Shansi Leng Mian- An eel dish served with Noodles.
  • Ci Fan Tuan- Rice balls
  • You Dunzi- Radish Fritters